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Believe In Yourself

Running Goals.

2021 Running Goals

The Main Goal

Ok, I started 2021 with one main goal. To run for 24 hours at Endure 24 Leeds. The last time I set a goal to run 100 miles, but when the heat got the better of me, so I had to stop, it was the sensible thing to do, I went to sleep to allow my body to recover and didn’t really do much when I woke up. I was sensible and listened to my body.

This time, my goal is simply to run for 24 hours and see how far I can get.

The only issue with this goal is COVID and whether the race will be allowed to ahead. The Endure 24 Hour race is a huge weekend.

I would guess maybe 4-5000 runners all in one place doing 5 miles laps (some are solo’s others do it in pairs and more do it teams), but it’s a great weekend.

But will the government allow such huge races to go ahead with so many people in one place?

This goal might have to change, time will only tell.

start today






Secondary Goals

Other Goals.

As well as my main goal I have set myself some other goals for 2021.

To run 1000 Miles.

I have tried this goal before many times, to try and run 1000 miles in a year but never actually achieved it. Even when I have been doing marathon and ultra-marathon training in the past I have never hit the goal. This year I have real plan to hit the goal. I will be updating my milage below.

Stretch Goal – 1,500 Miles

Yeah this is going to sound strange, I have never hit 1,000 miles before but I am aiming for 1,500 miles.

Run Every Day?

This goal I wouldnt recommend anyone do. If you are thinking about it, then speak with a running coach or club for advice as can lead to injury. The only reason I am attempting such a feat is due to my extensive running history and knowledge. I am not going into this one lightly.

I didn’t do RED December, as I ran everyday during the second lockdown (November 2020) and wanted a break. But after a couple of days, I wanted to get back going again, but it was too late to do RED December. So I decided I would do 40 days straight starting towards the end of December and run through to the 31st Jan.

However, I started a few days early around the 18th of December and thought I would run for 50 days – whats an extra 10 days or running at least 5km.

This goal was achieved on 4th of Feb 2021

Run Every Day?

I still haven’t decided yet that I want to run every day in 2021.

But my running club is doing a competition in Feb. Team Yellow and Team Blue (I am team blue) and basically, the team with the most miles wins. Its all fun, but I decided I would carry on running every day to help my team. 

I also have decided to carry on running every day until the running club returns or lockdown ends.

After that we will see, maybe it will be for the whole year, but right now I am just breaking it down into smaller segments.

In 2017 – I decided to go again and attempted Endure 24 – Leeds. A 24 hour race of a 5 mile lap.

The training went well, even in training run’s I was setting PB’s at Manchester Marathon – I was using race day tactics and it worked perfectly.

Not just me

Coreys 24 Goals

It’s not just me that has been setting the goals. Corey has set a couple himself.

500 Miles

His first goal is simply to run 500 miles this year. Which for a 8-year-old is an incredible achievement if he hits it.

Stretch Goal

 His stretch goal is to run 750 miles this year. 

Increase Mileage

His third and final goal is one I set for him. Its simply to beat the previous much mileage by at least 1 mile. I have said if he does hit 100 miles in a month he won’t be stretching beyond that in a month, I think that would be too much pressure on him. 


Running Goals

Louise running goals is simple. To complete coach to 5km and to keep on running afterwards.