week 4 race to the king training

Week 4 – race to the King training

So far the training has been going well, but not really had to do much distance, longest on the plan has been 8 miles. Now is when the training increases.



Plan 8 Miles

Actual: 5.72 Miles


Like I said in previous weeks, the reason you start on a Sunday if you have a bad run its fine you have a week to recover – I had a very bad run and really didn’t want to run. I would of quit at 4 miles, but saw a friend of mine who got me to 5.7 miles, normally I would have carried on till 6 for a round number but didn’t have the motivation.



Rest Day

Actual: Nothing

With such a bad run on Sunday, I decided to use the rest day, plus I knew on the weekend I should be doing 10 miles but I was actually planning on doing Manchester Marathon so didn’t want to push myself too hard this week.




30 Minutes cross train


30 minutes on the bike in the gym

5.05-mile run

I hate the gym, not sure if you have figured by now, but if I have to do it as part of the training I make myself go, so I did 30 minutes on the bike.

It was our club’s first night back in the woods running and I couldn’t miss it. So I headed down knowing I would take it easy and that’s what I did, a steady 5 mile run and really enjoyed it. Even though it was intervals I didn’t really push myself and just had a steady jog.



Rest day:

Actual – nothing

I did a rest day again knowing I had Manchester Marathon at the weekend.



Plan: 5 miles

Actual: 7.02 miles

I knew I was short by a few miles from Sunday but again because of the marathon wasn’t worried. I went out and did just over 7 a couple more than plan. Nice steady pace.



Plan: Cross train

Actual: Nothing

I woke up in a little pain and even walking around my knee was really hurting so decided to have an extra rest day, I was very worried that I couldn’t do the marathon so took it easy.



Plan: 6 miles

Actual: 5.70

I made a mistake and thought my plan was 8 miles but didn’t fancy pushing it to 8 miles. But did have one of my best friends running down Manchester canal shouting encouragement from his bike. Think of the film run fat boy run – well that’s what he was doing. It was nice to be with him actually and he was a great coach/motivator, I was thinking it’s a shame I don’t have him next to me on race day.

We ate well that evening knowing I would be attempting to run 26.2 miles.

Again thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, it’s for such a great cause which is close to my heart. If you would like to donate or see where I am up to you can by visiting here.

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