week 2 training for the race to the king ultra marathon

Week 2 – training for the Race to the kings Ultra Marathon

Week 1 is complete and onto week 2, 1 down 19 to go. If you wanna see how week 1 went you can read about it here.


As I said in the previous article, I like to start the week on a Sunday a good run and it sets you up for a great week, a bad run and you know you have all week to recover and make up the miles and you’re not chasing distance on your long run.


Sunday – Well this Sunday while the plan said a steady 6 miles I was entered into Retford Half marathon. The plan was simple to set off with some other Danum Harriers who also was using it as a training run for other events and have a steady jog round. In fact, my back and ankle felt a little sore before I started and while I have never dropped out of a race I said to myself, get to 6 and still not right, drop out as there is no point in injury myself.

I set out ok, nice steady pace actually I was controlling the pace for the other two runners I was with and being careful not to go out too fast. I actually wanted to do 10-minute miles, I really wasn’t feeling but as anyone who has raced knows the adrenaline and crowds mean you run faster than planned. We settled in after a few miles to a pace of about 9:40ish, faster than what I wanted but comfortable for us all and we just chatted.

Someone told me before the race it was flat – they LIED!!!!! Wasn’t the worse course in terms of hills I have run but it wasn’t that flat.

My legs after about 6 miles wanted to go, to really go and push for it, but I knew it was a training run and not the main race. So I said to the others if I am ok at 10 miles then I would leave them and have a little sprint home (it’s only a park run). From there every mile felt great and my legs wanted to go at 9-mile mark, but I held back for another mile. But I gotta say thanks to Lindsey who is training for London and Peter who kept me from sprinting too early – the company was great.

Once I hit 10 miles as I was coming up a little hill I went, said my goodbyes and I was gone. I knew there were a few Harriers further up the road and thought if I catch them and I am tired I can jog in with them, but every person I caught I felt great and kept going, I was doing 8-minute miles.

I have always wanted a sub 2 hour half, in fact, my PB for a half marathon stood at about 2:09. I have never been able to put it together on the day, when I crossed the halfway point at London Marathon I was roughly 2 hours, but never on the day have I had a good run.

I knew I had left it too late to get a sub 2 I would have to run sub 6-minute miles and one that would be crazy as this was a training run and secondly, I wasn’t in the right physical state to be running that fast.

I did manage to cross the line in just over 2:04 so while slower than a 2 hour half was about a 5 minute PB, not bad for a training run that didn’t really start to mile 10. Maybe in the future, I might take a similar approach but not leave it as late before I set off racing.

So was really happy with that time – a great start to week 2, getting a PB put me in a great mood.

I even got a picture of my with Air Beneath my feet

Retford Half me with air beneath my feet
My running the last .1 mile of Retford Half Marathon

Monday was meant to be a rest day, but my legs were sore and TheRunningBug put a post out on Monday about sore legs from hard training and one of the recommendations was to go for a gentle jog.

I needed also to get out onto my local pit top as those are the types of paths I will be running on the day, so thought let’s get for a gentle jog around the top. Only did 2.70 miles but it was a steady run.



Normally this is meant to be a club night but the legs were still hurting slightly and the plan said to do 3 miles, so thought I would go and do another gentle night on the pit top, managed to get in 3.5 miles and it felt good. Got to get used to an uneven surface below my feet. It was good warm and steady but I got the miles in.


Wednesday – this was a cross train day and I have been paying for a gym membership since Jan 2016 but not used it since July 2016 so thought I would go on the bike for 30 minutes. Wow, how bored was I, it was awful – in the end I found the bike had solitaire so had a few games, next week I will take my phones and listen to an audible book. I completed the 30 minutes and couldn’t wait to get off – the strange thing is that after that my legs start to feel normal again and I wasn’t in pain, so while I might have been bored I at least managed to get rid of the pain out of my legs.



This is another club night and while the plan said an easy 5 run, I went out and did a nice 8.54 miles. While it was easy with the average pace at 9:47 (I forgot to stop my watch at one of the regroups) I did manage to get a 8:06 mile in. Great run and even had a little blast at mile 7. I felt great.



No running today, it was a cross train day, so I did just over 30 minutes in the swimming pool. Nice and easy, getting back to swimming. I am not the world’s best swimmer – but I do enjoy it. Even once my plan has finished and I have completed the race I am going to carry on swimming – I might even get a bit of outdoor swimming done.



Again another Saturday of a steady 4 mile run but decided instead to decided to do Parkrun with my 4-year-old. While I didn’t hit the 4 miles I had done enough during the week. My lad missed his PB by 1 second – but at his age, he doesn’t know what a PB is. Once the field dries out we should be able to break the 40-minute barrier.


That’s Week 2 of the training plan done. Only 18 more to go and I am feeling good. Looking to get more off road training is done over the next couple of weeks to get my knees, feet etc used to the uneven surface.


The sponsorship is going great too. If you want to see how it going or sponsor me you can here


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