week 1 training plan for race to the king

Week 1 training plan for Race to the Kings

So week 1 is now complete of my training plan for the race to the kings. Firstly I want to thank all of those that have already donated, it’s hugely appreciated, that cause is close to my heart and those donations will help as motivation as the training and race get tough.

While I am starting the 20-week training programme, my running fitness is ok. Would have been better but was lazy before and after Xmas – but I can run, so the first few weeks for me are a bit of a breeze compared to the later weeks – but I wanted to stick to the plan and do the mileage. I am taking this very seriously.

My running week has been and always will be a Sunday, but my plan says it starts on a Monday. I prefer physically to start on a Sunday – start the week off on a good note, nice long run in, no pressure. Have a good run set you off to a great week, bad run and I know I can make it up during the week. Whereas if my long run was my last day, if I had a bad week I would try and push myself hard on Sunday.


Sunday – While Sunday should have been a rest day as wasn’t included in the plan, I knew the week after I would be doing Retford Half marathon so wanted to get out for a decentish training run.

I did about 7.5 miles, which might not seem long – but I had just done a very wet and muddy Parkrun the day before and my legs were a little sore and I also knew I would be about to start a 20-week programme so didn’t want to start that tired.


Monday – day 1 officially, I needed to do a little 3-mile run. I check the distance from office to home 3.8 miles. Perfect, I went home like normal had tea with the family and then the wife dropped me back off at the office so I could complete a few more the of days tasks and then I ran home. I didn’t want to push it so hard so stopped at 3.5 and had a gentle walk home.


Tuesday, should have been a rest day for me, but I had been training with my running club for Retford and wanted to do the last interval session – plus it was 6 x 90 second runs with 60 seconds recovery. I usually run up to the club (0.8 miles) and then we run to where we do the intervals. In total, I did just over 5 miles which are a lot less than a normal club night and was a very easy and slow pace.


Wednesday – day off, no running which was good.


Thursday – nice gentle 4-mile run (well that’s what the training plan said). I took out our group 3 runners and promised them a 5-mile run as most was doing Retford Half on Sunday and I knew with 1.5 miles on top (there and back it would just be a 7 miler for me). Not to bad I thought. Yeah, I got the route a little mixed up and ending doing over 8.5 miles in the end, so over double of the plan. I was starting to get a little worried about peaking too early, but this is still low compared to non-training plan nights, so not too worried.


Friday – swim / cycle. This was the first day of cross training and I thought I would give swimming a go. Went to my local centre at 6:45 only to be surprised by the number of people there. Anyway the plan was to do 30 minutes, but more importantly was the first time I could really test the Apple Watch out. So I jumped in and even though I knew it would be fine, I was still a little surprised it worked. I did my 30 minutes and hard burnt about 387 calories and my daily target at the moment on my watch is 400. So I thought I would hit 400 and stop, took me an extra minute. Was wired being able to monitor speed, lengths etc all from my watch, at times even the heart rate monitor was working.


Saturday – 4 miles. Today was the first day I didn’t hit the planned number, I did Parkrun which is 3.1, but I did that with my 4-year-old boy so was easy running – actually, it was nice to do a steady run and no pressure. I was planning on running home and letting the wife drive the son home, but she wasn’t ready when we set off so this didn’t happen and then life happened on Saturday so I didn’t get out again. The plan was to do 6 miles on Sunday and I knew I would be doing 13.1 so wasn’t too worried.


That’s my first-week training complete. Now for a Retford in the morning. Only 19 more weeks of training and then a gentle 53 mile

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