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Week 6 of training

Table of Contents


This week, I have to give myself a score of 9.5/10. If you check out week 5 training plan you will see that I wanted short runs during the week and a longer run at weekend. But as usual things didnt quite go to plan

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: running club

Thursday: 3/4 miles

Weekend: 5 Miles.
Let’s looks at what I actually managed.


So I wanted to do 5 miles and thats what I did. I basically ran to a friends house to drop off his bank card he had dropped at football the day before.



This was a good sessions – 

Nice mile to the start area, then loops of a car park (they let us use it for free and its closed – so its a pretty great place to run) and it was a 5,4,3,2,1 session with 2 minutes recovery and then about .7 miles run back.

All in all was a good run. Some of the intervals was pretty fast and I was very happy with my running.

Managed a nice 4.47miles in total.


This was a bit of a disappointment, wanted to do 4 but legs were heavy and just didn’t feel right so stopped at 3.48 miles.

No point pushing myself at this stage. 


I wanted to run 5 miles at some point.

We had an away game on the Saturday so decided I would run there, it was about 5.5 miles there.

At nearly 3 miles I got a message to say game had been cancelled due to a frozen pitch – but as I was there and game was near my parents I decided to run to their house.

Also at three miles a car had broken down so got in a bit more exercise pushing the car onto the kerb as its a very busy road.

The car was an automatic and couldn’t get into gear so in the end took 4 blokes to push it.

Sunday: Was start of Red December so after having a nice dinner at my parents I ran home so was another 5.5 miles. Legs did feel heavy but overall did enjoy it.

With doing both Red December and Apple setting me a target to burn 53,900 calories I will be doing some distance this month.

Total week milage: 24.23

The reason for the 9.5/10 – was because of Thursday not hitting the distance.

Next Weeks Plan


Around 4 miles is the plan, but 1 mile with my oldest which will be a decentish pace and 1 mile with my middle child so will be at a slower pace.


No running club this weekend, my oldest child is on trial with Doncaster Rovers and they have a game so will have to be a short 3 mile run when I get back.


This day will be tricky, its my sisters 30th so not sure how far I will run as we are going out for a family meal.


Same as last week. A couple of miles – 3 or 4. While my oldest son is at beavers.


This all depends how cold I am after watching him train at hockey, at least 2 miles but will see.


No plan yet, want to do at least 4 miles to be on track for the 100 for the month.


8 miles – we don’t have a game so will use the time go for a longish run.

Nice steady pace. Just increase the distance slightly.