Push Your Limits

Week 4

Thursdays nights run in the rain

Lets get running

This weeks Update

This week, I have to give myself a score of 8/10. If you check out week three of my training you can see the plan I had in place.

Tuesday: running club

Thursday: 3/4 miles

Weekend: 5 Miles.
Let’s looks at what I actually managed.


This was a good sessions – just over a mile run to some “hills” and then a kind of figure of 8 loop around the hills for 30 minutes and then run back.

My pace was very good, I was running with a club member and didn’t want to let her get ahead of me so kept close.

I accidentally4.94+1.33 stopped strava rather than pause while re regrouped to run back thats why its two images below.

Managed a nice 6.27 miles in total.


I decided driving home that the rain was too heavy to do a serious run so when I got home I just put on the running gear and did 2.02 miles. 

The rain was heavy and it was freezing.

Not the distance I wanted but at least I got out.


I wanted to run 5 miles at some point.

After football training on Saturday and putting up the Christmas decorations (yes I am that type of person – but I have young kids and while its still magical I like to make the most of it), but I managed 5.67 and was happy, legs were heavy at the start but towards the end felt good.

Sunday Morning: I was heading to Anfield to watch Liverpool Ladies vs Everton Ladies and knew I couldn’t do a long run but still I snuck in a cheeky 1.03 run.

Total week milage: 14.99


The reason for the 8/10 – Thursday I didn’t hit the distance, but the rest of the week I was very happy with it.

Actual Runs

Next Weeks



A speed session with the running club. This is another hill session. So it’s basically a square and we run the up and the down and one of the edges and on either the top or bottom we walk to recover before doing another lap.


Same as last week. A couple of miles – 3 or 4. While my oldest son is at beavers.


I plan on running 6 miles next weekend on the Saturday. 

Nice steady pace. Just increase the distance slightly.

My recent


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