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Week 4 of training

Table of Contents


This week, I have to give myself a score of 8/10. If you check out week three of my training you can see the plan I had in place.

Tuesday: running club

Thursday: 3/4 miles

Weekend: 5 Miles.
Let’s looks at what I actually managed.


This was a good sessions – just over a mile run to some “hills” and then a kind of figure of 8 loop around the hills for 30 minutes and then run back.

My pace was very good, I was running with a club member and didn’t want to let her get ahead of me so kept close.

I accidentally4.94+1.33 stopped strava rather than pause while re regrouped to run back thats why its two images below.

Managed a nice 6.27 miles in total.


I decided driving home that the rain was too heavy to do a serious run so when I got home I just put on the running gear and did 2.02 miles. 

The rain was heavy and it was freezing.

Not the distance I wanted but at least I got out.


I wanted to run 5 miles at some point.

After football training on Saturday and putting up the Christmas decorations (yes I am that type of person – but I have young kids and while its still magical I like to make the most of it), but I managed 5.67 and was happy, legs were heavy at the start but towards the end felt good.

Sunday Morning: I was heading to Anfield to watch Liverpool Ladies vs Everton Ladies and knew I couldn’t do a long run but still I snuck in a cheeky 1.03 run.

Total week milage: 14.99


The reason for the 8/10 – Thursday I didn’t hit the distance, but the rest of the week I was very happy with it.