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Week 3 of training

Table of Contents


This week, I have to give myself a score of 10/10. If you check out week two of training you can see I set targets.
Tuesday: Go to running club for a speed session

Thursday: 3/4 miles

Weekend: 5 Miles.
Let’s looks at what I actually managed.


I made it to the running club for a gentle 1 mile warm up.

8 x 2 minute sprints with a 2 minute recovery and then was meant to be a steady jog back but I needed to sprint back as Liverpool were about to kick off.

Managed a nice 4.23 miles in total.


My plan was simple to drop my lad off at Beavers and then go for a run for the 1.5 hours. You might have seen we had a lot of rain in Doncaster on Thursday. While I was very fortunate where I live we wasnt affected by the flooding there was a lot

of surface water on the roads and paths. Within a mile some car speed up and completely covered me in water so needed to go home and get changed.

I managed 1.97 miles and then another 2.57 miles once changed. So in total was 4,54 miles – so slightly more than I wanted.


I wanted to run 5 miles at some point, but I forgot I had a club relay event to do. A few years ago a runner died at the local parkrun and all the local clubs decided to do a club relay run to raise some money. I decided I would run there and then do the run. so 2.78 miles to the start line and then 2.02 race. 4.8 Miles in total.
That wasn’t the end of my weekend running – I was going to my parents on the other side of town for Sunday dinner (my dad makes an amazing Sunday dinner) and then I would run back. Google maps said it would be 5.5 miles but I make up my own route running down some tracks etc. In the end was 5.65 miles. So while I wanted to run 5 miles over the weekend I ended up running over 10 miles.

Total week milage: 19.22

Next Weeks Plan


A speed session with the running club, not sure what it is.


Same as last week. A couple of miles – 3 or 4. While my oldest son is at beavers.


I plan on running 5 miles next weekend on the Saturday.

Nice steady pace.