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Week 2 of training

Table of Contents


This week was me getting back into running, my plan is to be able to run 10 miles comfortably by the end of the year.

This week I managed to get out three times.

It all started on Wednesday morning. I managed to get up early and run 3.79 miles.

I was heading to Anfield later in the day and therefore needed to run before I started working.

On Thursday I was planning to go and join the running club, but due to a stupid amount of traffic leaving Anfield I didn’t get home to gone 1 am and was tired and didn’t want to drive so I took the kids trick or treating and then went for 2.27 mile run.

Not my best run but I was tired.

Sunday morning Long Run.

I will be honest I had wanted to run 5 miles and while I could have, it didn’t go to plan.

I was sweeting more than normal and this was running into my eyes (on longer runs or races I put vaseline above my eye brows to stop sweat dripping down) but I didn’t do that this morning.

Another issue I had was I ran in my glasses rather than my contact lenses and they kept steaming up and to the point I was stopping every couple of hundred metres to clean them so I could see. 

I therefore decided at 3.55 miles to call it a day.

Total Milage: 9.61

Overall, I am pretty happy. I am getting my body used to running three times a week.

Next Weeks Plan


I will either be going to the running club to do a fast internal session or going with my dad to watch Liverpool at Anfield.

If I do go to Anfield I will go for a run in the morning before I start working.


A couple of miles – 3 or 4. My oldest son I will drop off at Beavers and while he is there I will go for a run. This is a club night but I can’t do both. 

This will be at a steady pace and could be longer than 3 or 4 miles. I need to work out some routes starting at his Beavers hut and finishing in the same place.


I plan on running 5 miles next weekend, not sure yet if that will be on Saturday or Sunday.

Nice steady pace.