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Second Ultramarathon

Table of Contents

If you have read that I failed my first attempt in June of 2017, I was determined to run 50 miles – just to prove to myself I could.

Even though I hadn’t been able to walk for 2 weeks I knew I had it in my legs so when I saw a 12 hours races “Dusk till Dawn” appear on my Running clubs facebook group, I knew I could do it.

I had two weeks to make sure the ankle was ok – I had done the training everything would be ok if the ankle held up.


Not a great start:

A got to the start in plenty of time, and while I had some food with me and they provided some, my head wasn’t right. I had my road shoes on as 70% of the course is road and my head torch for when it got dark.

This time instead of it being the point to point – it was 5km laps and to see how many I could I run in 12 hours.

It started great, I did the first two laps in under an hour but knew I needed to slow down if I wanted to sustain the pace.

After about 4 laps I bumped into one of my wifes ex-co-workers and we got chatting about running, life etc so that lap went ok.


Road shoes on trail sections

While 70% is a road, the other 30 isn’t and I started to struggle for grip – with so many runners turning up the course lap after the lap, there was less solid mud to run on and puddles of mud.


There was some great support, about halfway around a family was having a BBQ cheering everyone on, giving some great support. It was going ok but I was struggling – around mile 20 I knew I wouldn’t be doing 50, my head wasn’t right.



Lap 9 about 1 am in the morning it started to rain, it was pitch black, very few runners on the course (some chose to sleep for a few hours, others just finished altogether) and I kept going. I got to the end of that lap, 27 ish miles in and I just wanted to do one more lap. 3.1 miles that’s all I had to do, but in heavy rain and tired legs, it took forever.

Once at the end I knew I was done – no more running for me.


So I chucked in the towel and got my certificate on how many laps I had completed and drove home, the rainstorm that followed while I was driving home was horrible – I was so glad I wasn’t running in it anymore.


I’ll be back:

As the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger quote goes, I will be back and I will. I plan on running this event again in 2018, its ridiculous cheap about £15 to enter and it’s on my doorstep plus won’t require as much training as its laps. I am going to get my 5 years old to do the first two laps with me.

Two reasons

  1. To prove he can run that distance
  2. Pace me so I don’t run off too fast.

While I have promised the wife no ultra’s in 2018 as we are having our third child in 2017 and it’s not fair to them, I don’t class this as an ultra, as I can drop out when I want.

While I still didn’t manage to hit the magic 50 I was happy to have completed another ultra in 2017.