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Fat but Fit – the bullshit I’ve been kidding myself with

Table of Contents

I am fat but fit – for years, this is one of the biggest bull shit stories I have been telling myself.

It’s kind of true – I am fit. I can run marathons and ultra-marathons, but for a while, I have been too embarrassed to run and too lazy to change my mindset. So, I’ve decided, now is the time to change if I’m serious about hitting some of my running goals and achieving other aims in 2021. My lack of interest was probably one of the reasons why I failed to complete Endure 24. 

I’ve got to change now. I have never really been a fan of New Year and setting goals. In fact, it annoys me that people put so much emphasis on this one day, but that’s a story for another day.

The first lockdown in the UK didn’t help me. I was just getting back to some serious training, and the weight was coming off again. Then lockdown kicked in! I was partially injured and the absence of physio meant that I didn’t get much running in (apart from running 100 miles with my son), but more importantly I moved to home working. I got into the habit of having a bacon sandwich every morning for breakfast and a couple of bags of sweets during the day and, you know the rest – the pounds piled on!

By the time lockdown was over, I didn’t want to step on the scales so decided to start running again. However, it was harder than ever.

Current weight

I currently weigh 225.5 lbs. The reason I use pounds and not the traditional weight measures is that Apple fails to record stones very well. If you weigh 12.11, it shows up as 12.1. 

Ideally, I need to lose another 26 pounds and get under the 200 mark and stay there. This will put a lot less pressure on my body, especially my knees and make running much easier. With this in mind, I want to get down to 205 before the end of the year. To keep me accountable, I plan on updating this post weekly.

Three days before the second lockdown, I had signed up for my local gym so I could use the swimming pool, but that has been stopped for four weeks now.

My running club set a challenge to run/walk 5km every day during the second lockdown. As I already knew in my head I needed to keep it up, I decided I would run 5km every day. After this, I also set myself an additional challenge a week into the lockdown, to run 100 miles, cycle 100 miles and walk 100 miles.

By aiming to hit the three targets, I would remain motivated and stay on course for when the running club restarts and the swimming reopens.

Changes in Diet

But if I want to hit my target weight, I need to make the big changes in my lifestyle and change what I eat.

I can’t outrun a bad diet, so will switch to a healthy eating plan. Not the easiest thing to do considering Christmas is on the horizon!