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2017 Run Review

Table of Contents

December 2017 and its time to look back on what happened throughout the year.


First few months very quiet, I didn’t really get into my stride until about Feb, Jan was sluggish – but then I set a PB at actual half marathon distance at Retford and then PB at Manchester Marathon even though Retford half had been my longest run.

Between that, the first ultra things had been tough, but I got through it. As Eric Thomas says:


“Winners win, Loses Lose” and I had that mindset, put in the effort and it will all be ok.


Race to the King:

The big event, while I did fail and still look at it as a failure – it was still such a great experience and I am so glad I was part of it and would like to attempt it again, it will probably be a few years off.

I have other plans for 2018, which I will come onto later in this post and potentially got 2019/2020 charity events planned (speaking with the charity to get everything confirmed before announcing), so if anything will be 2021 before I get chance to even think about it.


Second ultra

So I wasn’t just content with running one ultra in 2017, I did two – but this was really the straw which broke my will.

I got a new client and they were doing Hull Marathon as four-person relays and they asked me in July could I be a reserve in case anyone drops out, yeah no problem. I can run 6.2 miles no problem, I had just run 30 miles.

Someone did drop out and I was given about 4 weeks notice to run – I just couldn’t motivate myself to do any training so just rocked up on the day and attempted to run 6.2 miles, since I joined my running club 10km to me was a given, I could always run 10km – its not that far, but how I struggled in Hull.


This was in about September time and as a running club we have a big Christmas event at a race called Edwinstowe and then a lovely Christmas meal afterwards and a few drinks.

I knew it would be hard, I think between the relay of the marathon and the day I had been to the running club maybe 3 times at max.

Yeah, worse 10km time every for me, over an hour – so while the year started off great, it ended with me struggling to run even 10km.




So I plan on firstly getting back running in 2018, but more importantly try something new.

2017 had been the year of the ultra 2018 is going to be my first ever skydive.

I have decided to stick with the same charity and raise money for Down’s Syndrome for another year, but in 2019 I do have another charity in mind I will be raising money for.

And remember who in my second ultra I had promised my wife I wouldn’t run any ultras in 2018, well as well as entering Dawn to Dusk, I have also entered Endure 24. My running club has 5 or 6 teams in it and they each do a 5-mile lap and then pass onto the next runner.

Not me, I have entered as a solo runner – that’s right 24 hours of running, with the aim to run 100 miles – if I don’t I won’t be too upset but would love to break the 100-mile mark in 2018. The training for that doesn’t start until March as the run is in June, did I mention how as well as breaking the promise to the wife that I wouldn’t do any ultra’s in 2018, that Endure 24 is also on our wedding anniversary week and the weekend after I fly to the states for a weeks conference. Yeah, it went down like a lead balloon.

My immediate aim is simple – try RED January (run every day) to get back into running and build up the mileage ready for when the training starts again for ultras.

The big challenge though is the sky dive and I defiantly will have “air beneath my feet” that day.