Week 3 – training for the Race to the kings Ultra Marathon

So week 1 and 2 are done, only 18 more to go. I am feeling good.



Plan: 8 miles

Actual: 8.01 Miles

Today was running with an old friend on our local “pit tip” to get used to more off road running. I haven’t run with him for a few months so was nice to catch up and have a gentle jog around, it was off the road and he was coming back from illness so we weren’t going for speed, just time on legs.

The meme’s that’s shared around about people running up and down the drive to hit the miles, well this was me but I used my street rather than drive. I miscalculated how far back it was and need to run up and down my street.



Plan: Rest

Actual: Walked 3.25m

It was a rest day, but stupidly I wanted to hit my calories target on my apple watch, while I didn’t go for a run but walking around the pit top was an effort on my legs when they should have been resting. Lesson learnt if it’s a rest day, its a rest day for a reason.



Plan: Easy 5 Mile run

Actual: 8.42 miles

Back to the running club and one of my favourite sessions, done this a few times over the years. But we basically run to the bottom of a .1 mile hill. You have 20 minutes you run to the top, across the top and jog down and across and carry on the loop. In total, a lap is roughly .22 of a mile and it’s very encouraging as you can see “targets” and think just a little faster to catch said person.

Nice gentle jog back meant I did nearly 8 and a half miles, a little further than planned but I do love this run.


Plan: 30 Minutes cross train

Actual: 704m pool swim 37 minutes – actually swam for 15 minutes before as got there a bit early

I actually planned on gym today and swimming on Friday, but forgot to take my gym stuff with me, so had to go to the main swimming pool in Doncaster. The Doncaster Dome. The Adults only session is 7-8 and I only needed to do 30 minutes. I got there a little bit early and the main pool wasn’t ready but the “fun” pool was open so did a bit of open swimming, however the big downside with the Apple Watch is that it has to know the pool length to count how far you have done – it doesn’t track you like running etc. So for 15 minutes I just swam around and then at 7 went to the main pool.

The problem again I probably over did it, so in total, I swam for nearly an hour when I should have been doing 30 minutes. While it felt good at the time, it did affect the rest of the week running.



Plan: Easy 5 Miles

Actual: 5 miles

Normally I would go to the running club and run with them but the wife was going out and I was looking after the kids, so had to go out and do a 5 mile run before she left. Hence why I just did the 5 miles – again running around the pit top so got some more off road running in.



Plan: 30 minutes cross train

Actual: 30 minutes on the bike

This is when I should have been swimming but due to the mix up on Wednesday, I hit the gym instead. I did the 30 minutes on the bike and got off – I hate it, this time I took my phone and headphones but was still bored.



Plan: Medium 6 miles

Actual: 6.01 miles

So the plan was simple, I and my son would get dropped off at Parkrun, help set up and then the wife would pick up our son and I would run 3 miles home, so 3 easy miles doing the parkrun and then 3 miles faster home. The problem with kids is they ruin your plans.

So we get there at 8 to help set up, and we do our normal part and then we chill out, catch up and relax between 8:30 and 9. At about 8:30 he tells me I don’t want to run today and I have always said as he is only 4 if he doesn’t want to run I won’t force hi, I don’t want to put him off running. Once he has started I will encourage him to the end but never force him. So I kept asking him till 9 if he wanted to run and always got the same answer no, so we just became cheerleaders on the side.

I then had to go and do six miles on my own and to get back quickly as the wife wanted to go out as a family. The run took me into the woods and down a few off beaten tracks and I actually ran past where Doncaster Rovers were training ahead of their game on Sunday. Their facilities are quite poor and I usually run past here quite a bit in the summer months.


That’s another week completed. 3 down 17 to go. The miles starts to creep up now, next Sunday I should be doing 10 miles but have already signed up and doing Manchester Marathon. Also during the weeK, I sign up for a 20-mile race as I prefer races to training runs to make sure I get the distance in.


Again a huge thanks to all those that have sponsored me, it’s really appreciated, the charity is very close to my heart. To see how close I am to the £2000 target you can click here

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