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Week 5 of Training

Table of Contents


This week, I have to give myself a score of 9/10. If you check out week 4 training plan you will see that I wanted short runs during the week and a longer run at weekend – it didn’t quite end up like that

Tuesday: running club

Thursday: 3/4 miles

Weekend: 5 Miles.
Let’s looks at what I actually managed.



This was a good sessions – 

This was a steady .75 mile warm up and then run at race pace three legs of a square and the fourth leg walk to recover. 

One of the club runners slipped on some leaves and hurt herself, lucky I wasn’t pushing myself that hard so I was fine.

Nice steady jog back.

All in all was a good run. A bit of speed but not to much.

Managed a nice 5.53miles in total.



So I dropped him off at beavers and knew a route in my head for a bout 5ish miles that ive done sections of countless times over the years but never really ran it all in one go.

I wanted to do 4 but I thought 5 wouldn’t be too much of a stretch I felt good so off I went.

t soon became apparent that this wasn’t going to be 5 miles and more like 6 or 7 but that was fine – I thought get myself round even at a slow pace would be ok.

In the end it was 8.06 and I felt good, actually felt great. Nice pace – second half faster than first – one bad mile but that was a pure dark mile, going to write another post on that. But overall really happy.


I wanted to run 5 miles at some point.

After football training I knew I had to go to the local Argos to collect a gum shield for my son, it was mean to be his first hockey game day after, but he didnt make it.

So I decided I would run there – its roughly 2 miles away.

it was cold and wet but I managed it.

4.51 miles in total, so not quite 5 but I had done more on Thursday so was happy.

Sunday: my middle child who is 4 wanted to go running with me so I took him out to do a mile. it wasn’t my fastest pace but he loved it. I won’t be counting running with him towards my distance target. Just wanted to mention it incase anyone follows me on strava and wonder why I didn’t mention it.

Total week milage: 18.1

The reason for the 9/10 – Saturdays I didn’t hit the distance, but the rest of the week I was very happy with it.

Next Weeks Plan


5 mile run.


A speed session with the running club. This is another hill session. So it’s basically a square and we run the up and the down and one of the edges and on either the top or bottom we walk to recover before doing another lap.


Same as last week. A couple of miles – 3 or 4. While my oldest son is at beavers.


I plan on running 6 miles next weekend on the Saturday. 

The reason is that Apple Watch set me a target of distance 236.6 miles so depends what I need to do to hit that target I will do.

Nice steady pace. Just increase the distance slightly.