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All Serious Training has stopped

Table of Contents

It has been a while since I did an update so I thought I better write on.

In January of this year I started to read Natural Born Heroes and it changed my mind how I wanted to train for Endure 24 Leeds.

I don’t want to ruin the book and its quite hard to categroies, its a history book, running book, travel book it covers quite a lot and I would highly recommend it. I didn’t realise how much of a role the tiny island of Crete played during WW2.

During the book, it mentions about using fat to run rather than sugar, basically running to a heart rate target. Simple take 180 – your age and thats your target.

Mine is 148.

It is difficult to run at that pace, for a long time it felt like walking and it was a lot of walking because every time you go above it you have to walk till it drops below your target (I found letting it drop down to 140 before starting to run again helped).

After a few weeks you will see if you checked my strava that my pace was getting quicker (still no where near my normal pace but it felt like running again).

I was all prepared for East Hull 20 – I was finally going to try this strategy in a race.

Then COVID-19 hit.

So far Endure 24 Leeds is still on (I personally cant see it going ahead on the planned date), but I’ve lost the motivation to train.

I am still going out and sticking to the plan. Usually around 4-5 mile runs.


This upset me alot

I have always liked the Ultramarathon community, its something I felt part of. 

I think you have to be slightly crazy to attempt one, but unlike every other race distance you don’t really get “fun” or “charity” runners at this distance. Everyone is pretty much in the same boat and its been really supportive.

However so many people are trying to find little loopholes in the government startegy and putting themselves first.

“They said do what you normally do” is something I see quoted often.

Going for a four hour run is not within the spirit of what they are trying to achieve.

Leeds Endure 24

Like i said I don’t know if this is happening, I doubt it – but if it does and I really hope it does I am going for a fun theme. 

How far will I run I don’t know. I wont have got the training in for 100 so will have to see.

So I am looking for ideas from you:


  • Run a lap backward
  • Skip an entire lap
  • Drink a beer round the entire lap

Let me know your idea’s in the comments below.


Keep Safe everyone, keep indoors.